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        is a DTC authorized D.W.A.C./F.A.S.T. (FAST Automated Securities Transfer Program) and D.R.S. (Direct Registration System) participant. These programs allow shareholders to hold a security as the registered owner in electronic form on the books of the transfer agent rather than holding a physical certificate.


The D.W.A.C./F.A.S.T. and D.R.S. processes decrease the time required to transfer and deliver securities. As an agent of these programs, Secure Stock Transfer provides a higher rate of responsiveness and efficiency by which securities are delivered to brokerage firms.


Key Advantages:
- Reduce time on stock deposits into a brokerage account from weeks to hours.
- Eliminate the risk associated with losing a stock certificate and replacing them.
- Save on courier charges for shipping stock certificates.
- Eliminate additional brokerage fees associated with processing physical certificates.


How it works:
There are 2 ways that a shareholder can deposit his/her stock electronically: DWAC and DRS.


DWAC: Deposit/Withdrawal at Custodian, or
DRS: Direct Registration System


The key difference is that DWAC deposits require a Medallion Guaranteed Stock Power, and DRS deposits are entirely paperless.


As an issuer, you can upgrade your account to Electronic Processing. Please contact us to discuss the direct benefits for you and your shareholders.

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