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Key Advantages:

  • ​Reduce time on stock deposits into a brokerage account from weeks to hours.

  • Eliminate the risk associated with losing a stock certificate and replacing them.

  • Save on courier charges for shipping stock certificates.

  • Eliminate additional brokerage fees associated with processing physical certificates.

Online Purchase
  • Secure online access to your account anytime, anywhere!

  • Online Access to Shareholder Reports and Activity

  • Online Presence to Shareholders for Investor Relations Communication

  • Records Storage and Retention

  • Custom Reporting for Issuers and their Auditors

  • Tax Reporting

  • Annual Reports Distribution

  • Lost Shareholder Tracking and Escheatment
  • ​Name change

  • Stock splits

  • Dividends

  • Officer Changes

Analyzing Graphs
  • Team of graphic design experts 

  • Add your logo/artwork

  • Complete custom design


  • Proxy process & coordination

  • Information Mailings

  • Printing


EDGAR Services include:

  • No initial set-up fee

  • Free editing and formatting

  • No SEC Filing fee


XBRL Services included in

your price:

  • Table formatting

  • Unlimited customer support

  • Quick turnaround time

  • Personal filing agent


Giving a Presentation
  • All classes of options, incentive and non-qualified

  • Multiple vesting schedules

  • Complete optionee record keeping

  • Real time customer care and support

  • Day-to-day contact with a relationship manager who is a specialist in equity-based compensation plans


                                                                        and more......

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