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Secure Stock Transfer is offering high-quality printing services and fast turnaround times at affordable prices.


Whether you have a shareholders’ meeting or an informational mailing we are here to help you navigate the process and deliver materials to your shareholders in an accurate and timely manner.

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Proxy Services include:


1. Drafting, printing and mailing the requisite search notice to all banks, brokers, intermediaries and nominees as required by SEC regulations;

2. Registering with Depository Trust Company (DTC) and requesting the Security Positions Report that will identify the eligible amount of shares to be voted by Nominee name;

3. Following up with each bank and broker to confirm receipt of all proxy material and make certain that all material has been forwarded to beneficial holders in a timely manner;

4. Coordinating printing and delivery;

5. Providing timely tabulation reports to management and counsel outlining the progress of the vote;

6. Collecting all voted proxies and acting as official tabulator;

7. Notice and Access Model;

And more..

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